Congratulations Texas Youth

Hunter Prazak Recipient of $500 Scholarship

Grace Stotts received Donald R Hankins Mem. Scholarship

Grace Stotts received Donald R Hankins Mem. Scholarship


 It is no secret that youth involved in the Junior Braunvieh Association of America (JBAA) are passionate, driven and dedicated. These traits are exemplified in all who recently participated in the National Junior Braunvieh Show. Scholarships were awarded to two of these outstanding young adults at the show. The Braunvieh Junior Achievement Award is presented to a JBAA member in recognition of outstanding achievement. The award is designed to recognize individual and cooperative efforts, enthusiasm, excellence, leadership and achievement among youth who are active in the Braunvieh breed. This year, Hunter Prazak took home the honors and received a $500 scholarship.

Grace Stotts received Donald R Hankins Mem. Scholarship

Grace Stotts received Donald R Hankins Mem. Scholarship

Grace Stotts received Donald R Hankins Mem. Scholarship


The Donald R. Hankins Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a current JBAA member on the basis of scholastic excellence, leadership skills, interest in the cattle industry and youth leadership activities. The Hankins and Gaddy families were pleased to announce Grace Stotts as the first recipient of the Donald R. Hankins Memorial Scholarship. Congratulations to Hunter and Grace as well as all who exhibited and competed at the 2019 National Junior Braunvieh Show.

To learn more about the scholarship recipients or the events that took place at the 2019 National Junior Braunvieh Show, visit JBAA on Facebook.

TBA News September 2019

Braunvieh Youth Highest Paid Group in Ft Worth

Did you see there will be $6,500 paid out at the Fort Worth Stock Show plus the $4,000 that will be paid to the Junior that Randy Allgood and his daughter Alexa raised . Here is the breakdown.

  • $3,000 to Youth show ( this is up from $1000 last year) 
  • $3,500 Open show ($1500 last year)

The Braunvieh youth exhibitors that place high enough to garner premiums will take home the largest per head premium of ANY other breed at Fort Worth. (open or junior show) This includes the Angus, the Longhorns as well as all breeds showing during junior week. Several other breeds have more total premium money but we are dividing $3000 premiums into 7 classes.
1st $145   2nd $100    3rd $78   4th $65    5th $40
So if a junior places 5th or higher they will get their entry fee back.

This does not include the additional money that Randy Allgood and Alexa Cordell's heart and legs raised for our juniors at Fort Worth. (An additional $4000 to the youth show)

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!


Thank you Randy Allgood and Alexa Cordell

Randy and Alexa rode in a 100 bike  ride.   They pledged 1.00 a mile for every mile they rode for the TJBA  Juniors at Fort Worth. Lots of folks stepped up and pledged.  Raised $9,000.00 for Juniors 1/2 for 2020. Half for 2021. And 10% to Texas scholarship program.   Picture to follow!

September 2019 Beef Judging Contest Clarendon College

Beef Judging Contest Held Sept 7, 2019

Another great day at Clarendon College. Many thanks to Brett Franks for the use of the college arena, Johnny Treichel for his guidance and enthusiasm for putting this all together, Tom, Cindy and Scott Cefalu for the outstanding Jambalya, Ralph Mote for assisting, Jimi Vivens for cooking burgers.  Carole and Leon Ward and Shirley Hall for setting up the kitchen and making sure all was in place.  Cody and Clydene Pittman for being ready willing and able to fill in anywhere and everywhere they were needed. Donnie Johnson for getting all of the awards together and bringing them and Randy and Julie Heisterman for helping to set up and tear down and causing a giggle or two. Cyntha Ewing for taking care of registration and scoring scantron cards. And most of all Thank you to all those judging coaches that took the time and effort to bring your students to participate.  We would like to thank the following people and businesses for helping us put on the 5th annual Beef Clinic yesterday. We had 126 kids from 4 different states, kids ranged from 8 years old to sophomores in college.  (Some kids traveled over 700 miles to get here)

J Bar Braunvieh   Clarendon College    Johnny Treichel   Cynthia Ewing   Circle C Braunvieh
Scott Cefalou Family  Johnson Cattle Company  Mill Iron P Cattle Company   Shirley Hall
J&W Lumber in Clarendon  Randy & Julie Hiesterman  Hiesterman Farms  Jimi Bivens  Leon & Carole Ward. 

The Top 10 Kids in each division. Congratulations to all of them.

1. Tanner Wethington, 2. Darren Sykes, 3. Hudson Born 4. Kip Pittman 5. Jack Welps 6. Jett Ramaekers 7. Cadence  Puentes, 7. Caysie Miner, 7. Bentlee McKay, 10. Emily Durbin

1. Abby Johnson, 2. Dayson Schacher, 3. Hanna Gruhlkey 4. Ericca Corker 5. Heidi Gruhlkey 6. Tasha Schleter 7. Arden Pittman, 8. Grayson Waldrop , 9. Hagen Puentes, 10. Grace Huseman 10. Alexis Sullivan

1. Shelby Burlile, 2. Alyssa Bowen, 3. Dalten Chambers, 4. Jolie Goodman, 5. Luke Willard, 5. Racelyn Gemmell, 7. Will Boyd, 7. Kenneth Borchardt, 9. Xavier Nuncio, 10. Isaac Dunham 10. Nathan Shadle

Congratulations to all of our winners today at the judging contest.

Jr team:
1. Nazareth  2. Hansford County 3. Moore County 4. Nazareth 5. Nazareth 

Sr team:
1. Hermitage, 2. Oldham County 3. Nazareth, 4. Valley
5. Hansford County

1. Clarendon, 2. Clarendon, 3. Clarendon, 4. Murray State, 5. Frank Phillips

For all of the results check out


2019 Top Five Collegiate Teams Judging Contest

Top Five Collegiate Teams



The Winners at the 5th Annual Judging Contest

New DNA Requirements in 2019

New DNA Requirements Fall 2019-Spring 2020


  • New DNA requirements for Shows and Sales Beginning Fall 2019/Spring 2020 

 Download the BAA Letter about DNA 


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